Horse Medicine Journey


If you feel called to a vision quest, to a quiet seeking of sign, symbol and connection with nature as a way to guide your path, a Horse Medicine Journey may be for you.

This can be a 2 month journey into deep awareness, or a quicker one-week quest (message for more on the 1 week version). Beginning with an in-person or Skype session, we will create focus and alignment with what you are calling for in this journey. We will get to know one another a bit and I will help you to understand what this entails and the reasons behind the things you will be doing before your HMJ.  Assignments are simple, yet designed to be sure that you are in the best place you can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These are sent via email and you can easily do them at home in just a few minutes each day.

The day of your Horse Medicine Journey begins with a session during which we finalize your goals for this quest, go over your preparation and any questions you may have, and discuss the grounds, where you might walk, and we talk about the horses. We then move into a Shamanic Journey and you will carry that energy with you, out the door and onto the land.

Four Oaks Sanctuary is located on the banks of the Elizabeth River, in Chesapeake Va and our water, land and skies are populated with wildlife. You might see a fox or a raccoon, herons, bald eagles, ospreys or red tailed hawks. Robins, Gold Finches and other small birds are frequent visitors, as are woodpeckers and otters! Any one of these creatures may have a spirit message for you. You will also be keeping an eye on the water, sky, trees and even the boats and people who may happen to come into your line of vision (no one will interrupt or be close by, but we do have boaters and other people live along the waterfront).


When you feel that your walking journey is complete, you will find a place to sit and be still in, or just outside of, our horse pasture where you may observe our equine companions. They may observe, or even come and visit you. Our horses are healers and are also active guardians and healers of the land where we live. They, too, are messengers of spirit. You will want to watch what they do, how they interact with you…or if they choose not to.

Horses will help you to connect with you instinctual nature, the part of you that already knows the direction you should take and has the drive to carry it out. Horses represent our physical bodies as well as our freedom of expression.

The weather can also carry messages for us, messages of great power. Horse Medicine Journeys will go on as scheduled, regardless of weather. You will, however, have the option of a sheltered ‘medicine sit’ rather than walk, if you prefer.

At the end of the day, I will come to you and we will close the ceremony. Then I will feed you a light snack to help you to ground, and you will have an hour or so to journal (which you may also do while on your HMJ).

After we are complete, you will hold your medicine for 28 days, a full moon cycle, before Skyping or meeting with me again for processing your Journey.

This work is one-on-one and will affect you deeply and powerfully. Let me know when you are ready to schedule.

I am happy to accommodate your needs for handicaps, age, injuries, and any other concerns.

Cost: $444. Deposit of $222 to reserve your place. Lodging is available for an additional fee.

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