What to Expect During an Equine Massage

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I will begin by speaking to you about your horse and noting any issues you mention that should be focused on. Then I will get an energetic read of the horse by noting body language, stance, and any places of tension by doing a quick, overall check of specific parts of the animal’s body. I often take a minute to say a short, silent prayer and to ask that the treatment be to the greatest and highest good of the animal.

The treatment will last 1-1.5 hours.

Please be sure that your horse is clean. No need to bathe but a good grooming will be helpful. It is difficult to work through dirt or caked on mud.

Ideally I will work on the horse in it’s stall, with the animal loosely tied near a pile of hay. I will want to move the horse when I switch sides so that I am between the horse and the open stall door.

A handler is helpful and appreciated.

The place where we work should be as calm and peaceful as possible. The horse should be comfortable. There should be as few distractions as possible.

I will typically work with my headphones on. Chatting distracts me and the music I listen to helps me get ‘in the zone’.

Upon arrival I will want to know if there are any injuries or specific places you feel as if I need to focus my attention on. Tell me about the issues your horse is having. This will help me help your horse.

After the massage please hand walk your horse for at least 5 minutes. This will help forestall any soreness the animal may experience as a result of a brisk massage. It will also get the blood flowing back into the horse’s extremities.

Your horse may be ridden after a massage but do the hand walking first.


*When Not to Massage*:
If your horse is in SHOCK; if your horse has a FEVER; if your horse has CANCER; if your horse is not EATING; horses who have LASEX on board. Dark days are good for horses who race and require LASEX on race days.

**I reserve the right to protect my safety. Please understand that I may stop treatment at any time. My goal of helping your horse is second only to my goal of staying healthy and unharmed.



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