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Interested in having a Space or Personal Clearing? Decluttering help? The Shamanic Priestess of the Sacred Shield or Shield Maidens? We also offer Shamanic Cranio-Sacral and Reiki bodywork at Four Oaks Sanctuary.

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To contact Be via text or telephone: 757-876-5782



A Homeschool Literary Magazine

Later, Miss Slater

Writing for Wholeness


All things human

Appalachian Ink ~ Home of Anna Wess (and Granny)

Home of Anna Wess, Writer & Ghost Chaser

Daughter of the Sun

Illuminated Priestess Path

Moontime Rising

Illuminated Priestess Path

Nourished Kitchen

Reviving Traditional Foods


Illuminated Priestess Path

Illuminated Priestess Path

Elemental Meridian

Elemental-simple; pertaining to the 4 elements or forces of nature. Meridian: point of highest development.

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